We know one of the main objections from west European patients when it comes to East European medicine is safety. Everyone knows our doctors are excellent but not always the clinic or hospital conditions are perfect. This is not our case and we put together this page about safety to explain why.

Preventing Infections

We made sure any channel used by infection agents is secured via technology and protocols.

  • We process the water supply to the very clean and sterilized stage via:
    • cotton filters to remove coarse residues
    • softening to remove calcium content
    • reverse osmosis to remove mineral content up to maximum 25 ppm
    • 300 liter (79.25 US gallons) water storage tank with pumps to cover one full day of dentistry procedures during water failure events
    • UV filter to sterilize the water going out straight for consumption at all dental chairs, coffee machine, and instrument sterilization devices
  • We process the air that gets in by filtering and further sterilization with UV light in the surgery blocks

Preventing Cross-Infections

We make sure to secure any cross-infection channel through technology and protocols, further exceeding the EU legal requirements for our patients’ safety.

  • We properly separate and evacuate the chemical and biological materials that resulted during the treatment process.
    • We securely dispose of several types of materials that enter and come in contact with the patient’s saliva and blood, providing special care for elements that can cut or sting.
    • We separate solids, liquids, and air from the dental vacuum; each gets filtered out, and the remaining air is evacuated via secure channels outside of the building.
    • We make sure that solids, liquids, and air that leaves the premises do not interfere with incoming materials, water and air.
  • We sterilize all utilized instruments via a six-stage sterilization protocol:
    • Drop and keep all used instruments into sterilization fluid.
    • Wash the instruments under running water with proper brushing to remove bio-material, such as blood stains or saliva.
    • Use the ultrasonic sterilization device to remove tiny residues from the instruments, especially for the narrow spaces found in drills.
    • Use the special wrapping, then autoclave that involves heated steam under pressure to sterilize the instruments through the wrapping paper or special holders.
    • Use the 200-degree dry heating process for heavy metallic instruments.
    • Stamp and utilize the sterilized instruments only during first two weeks (instead of eight weeks, which is the legal requirement).
  • The autoclave uses special technology to prevent infectious agents from re-entering the water supply system by employing additional filtering and gravitational drops of water to the device.
  • We make sure all our personnel follows sterile protocols during the treatment via special equipment, behavior, and procedures.
  • On request (with previous booking and with additional cost), we can use new instruments, such as drills and mills, and those will be handed over to the patient at the end of the treatment.

Preventing Errors and Unnecessary Stress

We minimize errors by using the best dental technology available. Though medicine is not an exact science, and each patient is uniquely responding to treatments, we use the best technology available. Following is a brief list of what is available in our clinic.

  • 9105079820_005311We use daylight fixtures that offer lots of natural, daily light, in combination with generous-size windows and white colors in the furniture. Light is essential in providing an easy-to-see environment, where colors stay visible from shade to shade.
  • We use very low impact dental radiology, based on the latest advancements in sensors, which produces minimum radiation and reduces stress for the patient.
  • We make sure to provide enough space and time for each patient so there is no rush, which helps avoid the occurrence of bad decisions.
  • Last but not least, no matter how good is the equipment and the underlying support systems, people are prone to mistakes. Here at IVORY we took steps to prevent and minimise that and we came with a great quality management system that recently got certified by TUV Rheinland

Giving Philosophy with No Hidden Tricks

Our clinic is built on giving philosophy. We want to give our patients a better state of health when they leave us. This is our first priority. This is why we refuse to treat patients against what we consider to be their best interest. We are not in the business to make money with no regard to consequences!

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