Our team

Best dentists gathered in a perfect team

  • Adina Fulea

    Adina Fulea

    As the medical director and dental surgeon, Adina is in charge of the implantology team.

  • Ada Zamfira

    Ada Zamfira

    Ada is specialized in endodontics treatment.

  • Dalma Nagy

    Dalma Nagy

    Dalma is specialized in parodontology and has completed her master studies in Hanovra, Germany.

  • Ioana Cresneac

    Ioana Cresneac

    Ioana is our prosthetics specialist.

  • Diana Ionescu

    Diana Ionescu

    Diana is our youngest intern doctor.

  • Sinziana Constantinescu

    Sinziana Constantinescu

    Sinziana is our orthodontist specialist, and she treats most children that come to our clinic.

  • Denisa Enache

    Denisa Enache

    Denisa is our chief medical assistant.

  • Alina Spinu

    Alina Spinu

    Alina is one of our medical assitants.

  • Gabriela Moldoveanu

    Gabriela Moldoveanu

    Gabi is one of our medical assistants.

  • Florina Rosca

    Florina Rosca

    Florina is our head receptionist, and she has an English language degree.

  • Corina Angelescu

    Corina Angelescu

    Corina is our junior receptionist.

  • Richard Vencu

    Richard Vencu

    Richard is our business manager.

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