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and you do nothing about it?
What happens if you have a missing tooth
bone loss


If left untreated, the periodontal pockets will weaken the bone structure, causing bone resorption.

Periodontic teeth must be extracted and bone must be reconstructed in order to support implants.


Due to the abnormal position of tilted teeth, periodontal pockets will develop underneath them.

A periodontal treatment is required, followed by an orthodontic one, and finally, the placement of an artificial tooth.
tooth extraction


Have you undergone an extraction? You have 1 missing tooth. Returning from the 2nd stage? You have 2 missing teeth. Any missing tooth determines a new cycle of destruction.

From the first moment, the best treatment is to have your missing tooth replaced with an artificial one.
tooth overeruption


The opposite tooth can gradually start rising, because it no longer has an opposite tooth to put pressure against. The root will be exposed, and it will begin to decay almost seven times faster.

Once compromised, this tooth needs to be extracted.
migrarea si inclinarea dintilor


The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth start to migrate and tilt immediately.

Saving migrated teeth requires orthodontic treatment and the insertion of an artificial tooth in the empty space.

If you have a missing molar and do nothing about it,sooner or later you can lose all of your teeth!

BENEFITS of adding artificial teeth

Bridges and Dentures

Dental Implants



Check these five simple steps

Five things that could go wrongAND HOW TO AVOID THEM

No matter what solution you choose, always
look for a specialist to get your implants done.

Passion and controversy among general dentists and dental specialists are strong everywhere in the world. Common sense establishes expectations when comparing a doctor who has studied dental surgery for three years and one who attended five-day courses. There is a big difference!

SIX MYTHS about implants, which leave you without teeth

myth credibility percentage 83%
of the population believes that…

A dental implant will last a lifetime.

Capitalism speculates the idea of a lifetime warranty in the case of dental implants. In countries where there is regulation, a lifetime warranty is defined by law at a fixed value – for example, 15 years in Austria.

Studies have shown that the percentage of retention of the dental implant after 10 years is 95%, and then it falls to lower values.

What can be guaranteed is the implant itself and only against manufacturers' defects.

myth credibility percentage 77%
of the population believes that…

A dental implant will solve all my problems.

Huge mistakes can take place, such as if the implant is placed in a chaotic manner, without developing and following an integrated treatment plan to correct all the issues involved.

If, for example, you also need an orthodontic treatment but you ignore the advice, inserting an implant can cause more serious damage to your teeth.

myth credibility percentage 35%
of the population believes that…

An immediate crown placement over a fresh implant is a quick solution.

You have already seen and understood the steps of adding a dental implant. You dislike the fact that you have to eat, smile, and kiss with a gap between your teeth, for so many months ahead. Especially if the extraction of your molar is recent, the healing times for extraction and implant seem intolerably long.

What we can do is insert an implant immediately after an extraction, by using an advantageous angle and then angular abutments. By doing so, the process of healing after extraction and that of osseointegration will take place simultaneously and we save time.

However, bone formation is a process that cannot be rushed. Exceptions are rare and they will be discussed with your oral implantologist, if necessary.

myth credibility percentage 90%
of the population believes that…

Placing an implant has to be the most painful dentist procedure.

The reality is that the insertion of an implant is less painful than the devitalization of two adjacent teeth to create a bridge.

"’When Dr. Ada deadened the nerve of my teeth, I felt a big pain; during surgery, I felt almost nothing!" – said Mr. Mircea Coarfa, a patient of Dr. Adina Fulea, after a sinus-lift procedure and the insertion of three implants during the same session which lasted only 70 minutes!

myth credibility percentage 42%
of the population believes that…

Having metal dental implants, one cannot have MRI investigations.

Problems with MRI investigations are generated by objects containing ferrous material. Implants are made of titanium, and they are not ferromagnetic objects which can interfere with the MRI equipment.

myth credibility percentage 30%
of the population believes that…

Having metal dental implants, one can get cancer.

There is no evidence that can prove a direct link between a titanium implant (not necessarily dental) and cancer incidence. Most likely, this is a marketing idea launched by ceramic implant manufacturers.

The disadvantage of ceramic implants labelled as "biocompatible holistic dental implants" is that they can break easily

due to the fact that they present with surface microscopic cracks from the fabrication process and a shock could fragment them inside the bone. The advantages of increased biocompatibility are overrun by the fact that they are precarious in fulfilling the main purpose for which they were built.

Finally, any fixed denture contains more metal than all implants that could support it. A metal poisoning could occur with fixed dentures rather than with implants.

Questions that you probably have in mind

Types of dental implants

and how to compare them

There are over
types of dental implants on the market

but... here is a simple method to compare them.

The simplest implants are usually the cheapest. Personally, I do not want to be intimately linked to something very cheap for a long time.

Moreover, considering that the cost for inserting a dental implant is pretty much the same regardless of the type of implant, I believe that, in the case of a cheap implant, the implant itself (that is the technology that I am going to wear for at least ten years) is worth 20% of the total cost, while the remaining 80% is represented by the labor costs, which is an operation that does not take more than an hour.

I prefer to look elsewhere than working with these dental implants.


Geometry Of Implants

Executed with great precision
Executed with great precision
Executed with great precision
Normal screw thread
Conical screw thread
Conical screw thread
With grooves
With grooves

Implant Surface

Normal bone retention
Improved bone retention
Improved bone retention
Normal lifetime
Extended lifetime
Extended lifetime
1:1 unitary platform
1:1 unitary platform
platform switched

Implant's platform

Normal gum tissue formation
Normal gum tissue formation
Improved gum tissue formation
Normal lifetime
Normal lifetime
Extended lifetime

Implant Cost

0,75 X
Implant cost: 20%
Manual labor cost: 80%
Implant cost: 25%
Manual labor cost: 75%
Implant cost: 40%
Manual labor cost: 60%
Implant cost: 50%
Manual labor cost: 50%
Implant cost: 50%
Manual labor cost: 50%

Technology Reduces Risks

Implant can progress more deeply into the jawbone
Conical implant cannot progress into the jawbone
Conical implant cannot progress into the jawbone
With time, bone resorption can occur up to 2mm
With time, bone resorption can occur up to a maximum of 0.5mm
With time, bone resorption can occur up to a maximum of 0.5mm
Normal risk of inflammation
Reduced risk of inflammation
Extremely reduced risk of inflammation
Normal risk of fracture
Normal risk of fracture
Extremely reduced risk of fracture

Like the "horse carriage" implants, dental implants from the Maybach category, which are the most expensive ones on the market, can be removed from the comparison table.

The reason is that these implants provide the same technological advantages as the "porsche" implants, but you have to pay more for the brand.

Very expensive implants are really fancy, but unlike fancy cars, you can’t show them off because they are not visible.


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