Stress and Dental Issues

Most of the dental issues directly induced by a stressful life are well-known by people worldwide and the general the medical ways to deal with them are equally established. From this perspective, grinding, poor oral hygiene, periodontal diseases, and mouth sores are addressed adequately by professionals, while patients are made aware of the impact of these conditions on their lives.

However, there is a faster, more secure, and much more efficient way to eliminate these potential threats from your life: by better managing stressful circumstances. This article offers insight in the ways you can reduce stress with direct implication to your oral health. Thus, you should read the steps below contextually and apply them as such:

  • Set up a daily schedule to make sure that you won’t miss your brushing sessions in the morning and in the evening. This is particularly important: when stressed, people tend to ignore hygiene, which may eventually impact on the health of their teeth. Instead of making you feel more stressed, a strict schedule for your daily tasks regarding your body will actually make you more relaxed and more in tone with your system.
  • Redefine your perspective on physical exercise. Choose a set of exercises (either done at home or at a specialized center) and engage in this otherwise relaxing activity at least twice a week.
  • Don’t eat too much in the evenings. Stress has direct effect on food habits; if you tend to eat in order to calm down, think again: more often than not, this will affect your system in the long run, thus reducing your chances to a good oral health.
  • Set up a clear distinction between your work hours and your personal hours and never cross the line between the two. Associate hygiene to the latter and act accordingly. People overstressed by work tend to consider hygiene another dull responsibility they have to integrate in their busy schedule. Instead, you need to re-learn that hygiene, including oral hygiene, is a gift you give you your body on a daily basis. As such, you should enjoy it.
  • Stop eating candies or junk food out of impulse; try teas and fresh fruits instead.
  • Remember that emotional distress might influence your immune system, thus triggering various infections, including oral infections.

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