Young Adult Dental Patients & Energy Drinks

The predominant target market for energy drinks is primarily formed of young adults and sometimes teenagers who want to keep their energy levels up. Although some of these consumers could do just fine with natural fruit juices, they fall into the trap of excessive energy drink consumption as a result of marketing campaigns. Most consumers are aware of the general risks associated with energy drinks consumption, but decide to ignore them.

The impact of energy drinks consumption on your teeth

Drinking this stuff is basically applying an acid bath to your teeth. Excessive acidity levels cause enamel erosion and, ultimately, the decay of dentine. Acids are also perfect for thriving bacteria.

But if you need to drink it…

  • Read the label carefully before you make your choice. These heavily marketed products seam to vary in terms of acidity. Please keep in mind that sports drinks are usually less acidic than energy drinks.
  • Consider using sugar-free chewing gum to promote saliva production. Saliva helps your teeth remineralize. Xylitol-based gum and candies can help significantly.
  • Rinse your mouth with tap water after consumption to help your mouth return to its natural PH.
  • Resist the temptation of brushing your teeth immediately after you finish your drink. Rubbing the acids against the tooth surface is not a good idea and can cause further damage to your tooth enamel.

Alternatives to energy drinks

There are many beverages that can compensate for energy drinks and most of them are healthier if we’re looking at this aspect in perspective and try to determine safety levels in the long run:

  • Natural juices – although they may not seem particularly full of energy, they are your best option. Try to alternate between one variety and another, but remember that these juices do present a certain level of acidity you should deal with.
  • Tea – this is a great option because it gives you the opportunity to choose among varieties (green and black tea, roiboos, mint) that can keep your energy levels up.
  • Red wine – apart from the fact that it tends to modify the color of your teeth, red wine is a good solution.
  • Coffee – it has a similar effect with the one produced by the red wine, but it can boost your energy without the use of taurine or other similar substances.

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