Tooth Powder as an Alternative to Toothpaste

Contemporary alternatives to toothpaste are quite impressive both in number and degree of invention. You can use gels, creams, and even liquid formulas to get your teeth clean on a regular basis. Apart from these options that we’ll cover with another occasion, you can use tooth powder either as permanently or along with your regular toothpaste.

The oldest solution for brushing your teeth, tooth powder is known for millennia; at the same time however, it’s the formula that really matters. From this perspective, you’ve got two very distinct opportunities at hand: prepare it or buy it.

If you decide to prepare it, take into account that there are a few rules you should stick to, apart from choosing the ingredients:

  • Only use finely powdered ingredients; the granulation should be as fine as possible to reduce the abrasive nature of the final mix.
  • If you can’t get the degree of flour-like granulation, buy all or some of the ingredients online.
  • Any mix should contain a base, a flavored powder, baking soda or other abrasive agent (salt, chalk), and an essential oil. Make sure all the ingredients you use are edible.

As for ingredients, the list is extensive and attractive at the same time. Once you understand that toothpaste is nothing else than hydrated tooth powder, options become obvious: cloves, mint, stevia, myrrh gum, tea tree extract, cinnamon, etc. The larger the combination is, the more impersonal the taste and the effect. Use at least five different ingredients if you want to obtain a tooth powder formula with a professional feel.

Homemade tooth powders are safe and many people prefer them as a naturist alternative to regular toothpastes. However, do make sure you get a consult with your dentist prior to starting this and after one month to monitor the effects of abrasion on the enamel of your teeth. Apart from possible excessive abrasion, there are no serious cons against this class of products.

If, on the other side, you decide to purchase it, you can choose between foaming and foam-free powders in a large number of varieties with regard to ingredients and taste. Just make sure you change your variety of preference every now and then to optimize the brushing process.

Tooth powders are natural and child-friendly, two very important advantages if you care for the dental health of you and your children.

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