Orthodontics and Fashion

Ever since the beginnings of this science, there have been concerns that pseudoscience would influence the quality of the professional service. Patients all over the world find out from unreliable sources that you can get an exceptional smile whilst avoiding dental extractions and other specific procedures that are intricately related to orthodontics. On the other hand, various fashions show up every now and then that fail to optimize the relation between health and aesthetics. We will answer to these two issues first and then offer a few solutions in this matter.

Whichever your condition may be, it’s the orthodontist the one who knows better what you need to do in order to correct malposition or malocclusion. Don’t fall for advertisements present on the internet, which suggest appliances which will solve all your problems. A classic example is given by the appliances for arch expansion that guarantee you won’t have to extract teeth in order to reach your goal. The problem with such braces is that, in the long run, they may lead to serious misalignments, as your maxilla won’t be able to take in such a pressure.

In the USA, people choose veneers for aesthetic purposes in the belief that perfectly aligned teeth are more beautiful; in Japan, many young women consider that if they push their canines forward, they are more attractive. In both cases (with the second one being almost questionable in nature) the issue is wrongly put, as you should care more about the health of your teeth and only after that about aesthetics. The negotiation between your health and your smile should always be ruled by the importance of health, which comes first, if you want a reasonable or, why not, perfect smile in the years to come.

There are three main solutions in orthodontics today that fight malocclusion and malposition and still look nice. Here they are, in no order of preference whatsoever:

  • Invisible braces – they look excellent and reduce the visual impact when you smile.
  • Self-ligating braces – ideal for serious conditions, they increase efficiency without using ligatures. Of all these three solutions, they are the most visible ones.
  • Invisalign – this solution is more expensive, but if you really have a problem with wearing a dental appliance, this one will solve it, as it is almost invisible in nature and very comfortable, whilst being efficient and safe.

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