BiteStrip Disposables Review

What is sleep bruxism?

Sleep bruxism is a medical disorder common among dental patients. A bruxomaniac would grind and clench his teeth during sleeping hours. Function of the severity of this condition, it may result in worn-out teeth, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, headaches, etc.

How can my dentist tell I’m a bruxomaniac?

The most common way to tell if a person suffers from bruxism is to look for specific signs on his or her teeth. Although many professionals do not hesitate to diagnose bruxism based solely on patient’s medical history and clinical examination, without performing any overnight lab tests, this method could hardly be considered scientifically conclusive.

How can you be sure you really suffer from bruxism and if you really do, how can you determine the severity of your condition? By monitoring your muscles’ activity during sleep! While a formal lab test may be rather expensive to perform, there are ways to diagnose and monitor your bruxism condition at a low cost, via a home-use device advertised by the manufacturer under the name BiteStrip.

What is BiteStrip?

BiteStrip is a miniature electromyography monitor with a processor of its own and a chemical display unit, integrated on a plastic film. The device is able to process, analyze, and display real-time data regarding the patient’s jaw muscles, precisely the number of bruxism events per hour; this is referred to as the bruxism index. Get the brochure!

Can BiteStrip help assist my doctor in prescribing medication dosages and/or efficacy of my dental splint treatment?

Yes, the results of these tests have been proven for accuracy and can be accepted by your doctor for diagnosis purposes as well as for measuring treatment efficacy.

Is BiteStrip difficult to use and read?

This device is particularly user-friendly. BiteStrip is self-adhesive and needs to be applied on patient’s clean dry skin (on the cheek) before going to bed. In the morning you can check the single digit that is being displayed which will tell you if you suffer from bruxism or not and, if you do, how severe is your condition.

Can anyone use it?

Approx 2% of the population is not suitable for testing due to skin characteristics. Should you be among the 2%, the test will display a dash sign instead of a digit.

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