Orthodontic Nightguards

Who should attempt to correct dental malposition by wearing orthodontic night appliances and why?

Although many patients would prefer wearing orthodontic appliances at night only, without having to wear braces at daytime, orthodontic mouthtrays are not for everyone and do not solve any orthodontic problems you may have. Their therapeutic action is limited to the correction of mild orthodontic issues. Many patients are advised to wear post-treatment night guards or retainers that are exclusively meant to stabilize the results of the actual therapy.

You may need to wear such a nightguard for a few months in order to further stabilize the effects of the orthodontic treatment. They are generally not recommended for longer periods of time should the condition of the patient be stable after the traditional treatment.

An extra benefit of the nightguards is that they reduce grinding even more; many patients who suffer from bruxism and undergo an orthodontic treatment will stop grinding during the night if they wear such appliances.

However, it is strongly recommended that you let your orthodontist decide over the type of post-orthodontic appliance you may need depending on your condition, as you may be prone to choose according to your own comfort, which may not be the best solution in the long run.

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