How to buy a toothbrush

Ranging from the free default toothbrushes you can get in hotels to highly expensive powered professional devices, toothbrushes are tools used by virtually everyone. How to buy a good toothbrush? Although the truth is that following a correct brushing technique, as well as constantly changing the toothbrush, appears to have a higher impact on maintaining proper dental hygiene as compared to most advertised toothbrush features, there are some issues that need being considered whenever you choose to buy a new toothbrush.

What is the best size of a brush head?

Some dentists believe that the “ideal” size of a brush head is 1 in length per 0.5 in width; recommended dimensions are different for brushes designed for young children. However, you don’t need to bring your ruler to the store to verify these dimensions! Look for the same dimension of your previous toothbrush unless you have been uncomfortable with the size of the head.

Ergonomic toothbrush handle? What is that?

If you’re smiling, you’ve probably got the wrong idea: ergonomics does not refer solely to providing a good grip; look for flexible handles, which can compensate for excessive pressure during brushing. Many people tend to brush their teeth way too rough; if you have reasons to suspect you are one of them, you may like to have a toothbrush featuring a flexible handle.

How to choose between bristles

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