Say cheese!

Did you know

  • eating cheese helps re-mineralize one’s teeth? Cheese contains calcium and phosphorus.
  • the shape of the cleft and the size of the jaw are directly influenced by one’s childhood eating habits? If the lower jaw remains smaller, there’s a greater risk for having crowded or impacted teeth, as well as other orthodontic problems.
  • premature babies tend to have smaller teeth and wider spaces between their teeth?
  • one’s teeth-print and tongue-print are unique?
  • being right handed versus left handed influences the side of the mouth you tend to chew on?
  • globally, people spend more on hair care products than they spend on tooth care products?
  • a patient who flosses teeth correctly and regularly should use over 100 meters of dental floss in one year?
  • 5 out of 6 patients who require aesthetic surgery services are more interested in changing the aspect of their smile than in changing the shape of their eyelids? However, statistics show that teeth and eyes are equally important in establishing the first impression.
  • Indians still use neem twigs as part of their oral care routine, due to the antibacterial properties of this plant?
  • chewing gum was patented in 1869?
  • Gloriana of England had really bad teeth?
  • almost half of the children under 5 years of age develop at least on dental cavity?

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