Dental office sanitation protocol

Legal aspects

All dental offices must meet the sanitary standards and regulations required by law in order to function legally. Implementation of standard procedures for cleaning dental offices is controlled by the Ministry of Health, and checked and endorsed by the Department of Public Health.

The structure of a dental office is also determined by legal regulations. Every dental office should have the following configuration:

  • waiting room,
  • patients’ bathroom with access from the waiting room and bathroom for the medical staff,
  • storage facilities and locker room for the staff,
  • room/office for the actual consultations, diagnosis and treatments (minimum 9 m2).

Pavements, walls, ceilings and work surfaces must be washable, completely smooth, easy to disinfect, resistant to contamination, and must not release particles in the air. Regulations absolutely forbid the use of false ceilings, carpets and other similar elements that may obstruct perfect sanitation of the premises.

In addition, clinics and dental offices that provide dental radiology services must comply with all applicable radiation protection protocols set out by law.

Sanitary rules for dental offices, set out by law, include: providing drinking water facilities, sewage collection and disposal systems, storage, disposal and disposal of waste resulting from specific activities, ensuring proper lighting facilities, limiting noise, cleaning the premises, supplying and proper usage of authorized disinfectants, antiseptics and decontaminated, providing protective equipment for personnel and permanent training of the office staff regarding sanitary precautions.

First impression. Sterile premises

Many patients choose their dental office based on the impression of cleanness of the premises. These patients are absolutely right to do so. Beyond complying with the sanitary regulations set by the law, the notion of cleanness may be subject to interpretation. Use judgment to make your choice!

Your dentist or another member of the medical stuff sterilizes and disinfects a lot of things that absolutely need to be sanitized in-between patients; these things range from dental chair to dental instruments (dental burs, dental drill pipe and handle, mirror, probes, lamp, work surfaces, etc.). It is vital for the patient sitting on the dental chair to be surrounded by sterile objects, in order to prevent passing bacteria, spores and viruses from one patient to the next. Most modern dental offices have highly effective sterilization equipment; these devices are designed to accommodate all dental instruments after being carefully washed and disinfected. Al sterilized equipment must be packed in sterile plastic bags, boxes or similar packaging just like single use dental items.

At least once a day, all the objects touched by hands, which are not usually sanitized in-between patients, need to be properly cleaned: door handles, trash bin handles, washroom spigot handles, toilet seat, keyboards, cupboard handles, etc.

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