Types of implant-supported dentures

Dental implants are the best solution for patients who have lost patience with their conventional dentures. For many of these patients keeping their dentures secure is an embarrassing full time job. They are also unable to eat and speak properly.

Stabilizing your denture with dental implants is now a widely available option.

Dental implants have become better and faster to place. Surgery is performed with local anesthesia and lasts about an hour. Titanium based dental implants with a round abutment are surgically place inside the jawbone; it is usually a matter of months until the implant becomes fully integrated into the bone.

Following the initial intervention, your dentist can adapt your existing denture to fit your new implants during the healing and integration period, in order to obtain improved functionality.

After the integration (bone consolidation around the implant), the patient and the dentist need to decide upon the most suitable prosthetic solution to meet patient’s needs and medical situation. Here are the available options:

Type of DenturesMobilityRequired ImplantsFastening Systems
Fixed implant-supported denturesThe denture is permanently fixed on the existing implants. The patient alone cannot remove the denture. Only a dentist can do so.The number of necessary implants may vary.The denture has several holes corresponding to the implants. After the dentures are attached, these holes will no longer be visible.
Removable implant-supported denturesThe denture is rather firm into place. However, the patient can remove it (for cleaning purposes).The implants have an attached bar used to support a new denture.Dentures snap into place with special attachments.
Implant-stabilized dentures (existing or new dentures)The patient can easily remove the denture.The number of required implants is significantly lower (even a couple of implants may suffice).Dentures are retained by the gum tissues and the implant abutments.

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