We often see people on the bus, in the streets or at work unable to offer a big smile due to (exaggerated or not) concerns regarding unsolved dental issues. The most common reasons of concern are missing teeth, severe dental cavities on front teeth, tooth pigmentation, and misaligned teeth. However, some patients who have great teeth can be seriously troubled with the aspect of their smile, for rather trivial reasons, such as the shade of their teeth being a little bit darker than what they wished it were. Here are a few questions and dental conditions and solutions associated to them. Answering to these questions can give you a pretty good idea about where you stand.

1.      Do you have dental veneers?

  1. My teeth are healthy. I don’t know what dental veneers are. – Dental veneers are thin shells that imitate the natural aspect of your teeth. They have become highly popular in modern cosmetic dentistry due to perfectly looking results. The fact that you have never taken an interest in dental veneers indicates that you are not highly preoccupied with dental aesthetics, even though you do take care of your teeth.
  2. No, but I would like to have porcelain veneers. – Porcelain veneers have the tremendous advantage of being naturally shiny and transparent. Ask your dentist whether dental veneers are the right choice for you or not. So far, you don’t seem to be 100% satisfied with your smile.
  3. I do have dental veneers. My teeth look now better than they used to, but not perfect. – Discuss your options with your dentist.
  4. I have been very happy about my smile ever since I got these veneers. – Keep up with the good work, visit your dentist on a regular basis and enjoy!

2.      Would you go against your dentist’s recommendation and apply a whitening solution that he or she disapproves of?

  1. Yes. I would try about anything that promises whiter teeth. – We all want nice teeth. Talk to your dentist about whitening solutions that are good for you.
  2. No. – It is good that you take your dentist’s advice seriously.

3.      Orthodontic patients are troubled by a variety of dental issues, ranging from one slightly misaligned tooth to severe malocclusion. Do you / would you seek orthodontic support for these kinds of dental issues?

  1. My teeth are aligned perfectly. My dentist says there’s no need for alignment adjustments. – Your situation is a truly privileged one.
  2. I do have some orthodontic problems. Right now I am under orthodontic treatment and I hope to see some important improvements soon. – Your dental situation will surely improve if you properly follow your treatment. Just be patient!
  3. I have severe orthodontic problems, but I have never sought appropriate treatment. I wouldn’t want to wear dental braces. – Orthodontics is not just a matter of aesthetics. Treatment delay could lead to serious complications. Ask your dentist for further advice.
  4. I no longer have my natural teeth. – There are plenty of reasonable modern solutions for people who no longer have their natural teeth.

4.      There are many dental patients who wear dentures. How do you feel about it?

  1. I am not among these people. I’ve got healthy teeth of my own.
  2. I do have dentures and I am much happier now than before the dentures.
  3. Dentures don’t look and feel as expected. I am highly disappointed.
  4. I should have dentures, but I don’t.

5.      Are you bothered by the aspect of your gummy smile or other gum-related issue you may have?

  1. Yes. – There are modern surgical procedures available to assist patients with a gummy smile. Feel free to ask your dentist.
  2. No, not really.

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