Orthodontics and dental hygiene. Dental floss

Maintaining proper hygiene during orthodontic treatments is highly important. If a patient fails to do so, he or she risks damaging their teeth furthermore, instead of repairing them. Dietary and hygiene rules for patients who wear braces or other forms of dental appliances are somewhat different than for other patients. Besides, these patients also have difficulties in maintain good oral hygiene and require special brushes, which are softer and have special shapes, as well as interdental brushes. Apart from special brushing techniques, these patients also need to use dental floss. They have to find a way to introduce the floss under the archwhires and pull it gently between their teeth, while paying attention not to affect the integrity and position of the braces. Patients with dental braces complain about encountering difficulties in using dental floss, as floss is not stiff enough to be easily placed in position and patient often lack the necessary skills to do so.

Pulling the floss between the gum and the archwhire

There are oral hygiene products specially designed for orthodontic patients in order to assist them in their daily oral routine.

  1. The floss threader is a soft nylon loop (like fishing line), meant to function similar to the eye of a sewing needle. You need to pull your dental floss through the loop of the threader, insert the pointed end under the archwhire, and pull the floss gently until in position. You can, of course, manage to do so without using the threader. Yet, many patints find this procedure difficult and somewhat annoying, especially with their fingers wet. So, a floss thereader might be worth trying.
  2. Stiff ended floss is also available on the market. It is designed to assist patients with braces. It has a stiff end that can easily slip between the tooth and the archwire. This kind of floss is usually pre-cut so you can’t pull out the desired amount of floss from a plastic dispenser or spool. This is perhaps the most convenient and the fastest floss solution available for people with dental braces.

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