Dental Braces and Oral Care

Patients wearing dental appliances such as dental braces are more often than not young people, with an interest in their oral health. These patients daily routine concerning their dental health must follow some simple rules.

Eating habits

Patients with dental braces are usually advised to avoid crunchy, sticky and hard foods, such as toffees, hard pretzels, candies, nuts and carrots. Do not chew ice or gum if you wear dental braces!

Brushing and cleaning

If you have dental braces, you surely know how easy plaque forms around these appliances. It is, of course, highly important to brush your teeth after each and every meal, using a soft brush; also, it is essential to use dental floss, an interdental brush and mouth wash. Dental shower is another excellent idea!

Consider cleaning your teeth done only after your dental appliances are clean too! Brush and clean your braces every time you brush your teeth. Additionally, you can use some denture cleaning solution mixed with tepid water to further clean virtually any dental appliances you use.

Mouth guards for sportsmen with orthodontic dental appliances

For people who engage in sports or other similar activities endangering their teeth, there are sports trays to protect their teeth, gums and cheeks. Your dentist can help you get comfortable sports guards that fit your orthodontic dental appliances!

Orthodontic wax

Usually, when you get your braces, your dentist recommends orthodontic wax, at least for the first days, until you get used to your new appliances. You will find this product useful even later, whenever your braces bother you, especially when ligatures or wires protrude as they break or move while eating or brushing. Until you get in the dental office to solve the problem, orthodontic wax can partially spare your discomfort. If your braces cause superficial mouth sores, use antiseptic solution or salted water to rinse.

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