TEST – Dental Veneers Candidates

In the first half of the 20th century in America, actors began to use primitive forms of veneers for character impersonation. Meanwhile, this technique became perfected up to a point when its increasing popularity brought along excessive use of this cosmetic treatment. Visually pleasing and rather expensive veneers are a particularly appreciated solution for fixing large interdental spaces, chipped, misshaped and irreversibly discolored teeth. However, these treatments do not address all patients:

  • veneers are sometimes impossible to apply on patients’ teeth due to their general dental health issues (there is no point in applying veneers on weakened, decayed or compromised teeth),
  • and other times there are better treatment alternatives for patients who think they need veneers (some of these patients simply need teeth whitening, other need extensive orthodontic therapy, etc.). Here are two of the most common misconceptions that lead patients into the idea they might need dental veneers when the best treatment for them is actually very different from what they expect:
    • I smoke cigarettes and / or drink coffee, thus my teeth are stained. I’ve heard that porcelain veneers never get these stains… Teeth staining caused by foods and / or smoking and coffee can be fixed by much easier (and less expensive) means than veneers, such as in office cleaning, scaling and various whitening techniques.
    • I’ve got crooked teeth and veneers can make them look nice. Although dental aesthetics is what seems to be warring you at the moment, your dental problem should be approached by an orthodontist prior to even discussing veneers. Learn more about correcting malposition.

Find out if your general dental health would allow your dentist to apply veneers on your teeth, by answering the following questions. If you accumulated points by answering to these questions, this might mean dental veneers are not your best choice, as your dental health is less than satisfactory. Talk to your dentist about it.

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