Teething Toys. An Introduction

Various Symptoms

The symptoms associated with the eruption of the first baby-teeth are different from one individual to another, and from one tooth to another: some babies and toddlers have a fever, red and swollen gums, they produce more saliva than usually, while others have no symptoms at all, apart from biting their soft blanket, their toy, or mommy’s finger, etc. The causes that lead to these differences remain unknown; yet, there are reasons to believe they might be hereditary.

Simple and Classic Remedies

Before the lidocaine gel, the classic remedies for the eruption of baby teeth included teething toys. In the past, babies were given a piece of licorice root. Today, the diversity of teething toys is rather impressive; yet, the trend is still given by organic materials and gentle, easy to grab shapes.

Teething toys can easily be improvised, but parents can choose to buy a toy that has been specially designed for this, or an alternative solution that meets baby’s needs as well as all the compulsory safety requirements (a ring, a one-piece rubber doll, or a vibrating toy). One rule to follow is to go for the right size and texture.

Choose According to Age

Before she turns three, your toddler will have her dentition complete. Until then, there are several stages.

For a 6 months old baby, whose first tooth is now about to erupt, a soft toy, made of either cloth or rubber, is the best option. Wooden toys can wait.

At the very beginning of baby’s teething adventure, she mustn’t be given to chew biscuits, carrots, bread crust or other such foods, unless they are already part of her usual diet. There is no rule for all babies; thus, parents have to use their own judgment.

Introduce New Shapes and Colors

Apart from being perfectly safe and having the right dimension, teething toys can be visual stimuli (babies and toddlers usually prefer bright colors), tactile stimuli (soft surfaces), thermal stimuli (cold or warm) and auditor stimuli (toys that sing, quack or rattle when squeezed or shaken).

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