Tips for an Alternative Oral Hygiene

Like any other medial issue, western dental hygiene (i.e. the sum of all info we come across on a daily basis, which are based on allopath and lab medicine) has its advocates and detractors. Trying to delimitate the reasons leading to this, one can immediately notice they are mainly connected to the basic principles and approaches on dental and oral hygiene.

This was a motivation for several companies and research labs to develop alternative strategies, treatments and solutions, trying to cover, complement or fight against the methods of traditional medicine, in order to achieve the best results for everyone. Here are some of these solutions listed below. One should read them keeping in mind the context and the wider area or classic dentistry.

  • Replace your toothpaste with a combination of bar soap (the simplest you can find, with as little glycerin as possible, without antibacterial agents, perfumes, etc.) with vitamin C and sodium phosphate. Some studies claim to have proven the efficiency of this technique by reducing the acidity caused by the use of classic toothpastes.
  • Inspired by medieval medical treatments, oral medicine has revived the sage recipe with additional salts. Both these elements are to be found in certain toothpastes, while sage has become the core of dental products commercials. This minimalist recipe increases the sensation of mouth hygiene, having a proven natural antibacterial effect and a presumed whitening effect on teeth.
  • Strawberries for tooth whitening; green tea used as a germicide.
  • Ironic as it may seem, there are statistics claiming that people who regularly rinse their mouth with pure water, without using any additional product, and stick to this simple technique several times a day, especially after meals, sweets and sweet drinks, tend to have fewer dental cavities. The explanation for this is rather logical: water does not allow acids to grow beyond regular limits, thus maintaining a truly natural equilibrium in the mouth.


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