Dental Floss

Irrespective of your oral hygiene habits, your toothpaste and your toothbrush, there are interdental areas extremely difficult to clean. These are, more often than not, perfect spots for the formation of cavities: fermented pieces of food increase acidity levels. Unless you remove these pieces right away, negative effects will follow.

Dental floss is therefore an extremely important solution, which increases the efficacy of your oral hygiene routine if used correctly after brushing. In order to understand how to combine brushing with the use of dental floss in a correct way, read this.


  • Regular usage of dental floss can reduce the risks of tartar formation in the lower part of your teeth and even under the gums, thus increasing the tooth’s life, reducing the risks of periodontal disease and improving your daily comfort.
  • Usage of mint dental floss can correct for a while bad taste and halitosis.
  • Dental floss can prevent acid food from attacking the enamel.

Trying to completely cover the needs of patients around the world, pharmaceutical companies have developed a rather wide collection of different types of dental floss. Here are some of the most important ones listed below. Should you be uncertain about the quality of your dental floss of choice or should you have a specific dental condition, it is best to ask your dentist what your best options are.

  • Regular dental floss. This is usually of medium thickness, made of silk, lightly coated with wax. This is appropriate for general use and fits most patients, being the typical product one can find in local pharmacies and supermarkets.
  • Thin waxed dental floss. This is useful with sensitive gums and narrow interdental spaces. You mustn’t force the floss into these spaces. Let it slide naturally and stop before blocking.
  • Thick, unwaxed dental floss. This is preferred by patients who have wider spaces between their teeth.
  • Whitening dental floss. This is treated with substances used in dental whitening; however, results are not that visible.

Flavored dental floss. Any item on the above list can come in a flavored version. The most popular flavors include raspberry, mint, wild berries, etc.

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