How to Choose a Dentist for your Child

The first mistake parents are prone to make when taking their children to the dental office is to assume children ought to have the same dentist who treats them. This perspective has undisputed advantages such as preserving the comfort of not changing the environment and the dental care provider you already trust; however, there are certain aspects of this issue that could question your decision.

Basically, you have to consider both the special needs of your child and the professionalism of the dentist. Choosing a friendly environment can diminish fear and discomfort and lessen the risks for developing future dental phobia. Friendly attitude can appear as a detail to you, but ignoring this aspect as well as your child’s personal options and preferences can lead to constant aversion against your dentist or, worse, against all dentists. This would be a most unfortunate event and it would deprive your child from decent dental therapy by means of deliberate or incontrollable avoidance of all dental care procedures. This is a list with the most important details you should consider when choosing a dentist for your child:

  • Dentist’s professionalism. More often than not, dental problems are not more complicated or complex with children than they are with adults. Yet, they must be treated with utmost care both for reasons strictly connected to health issues and for orthodontic reasons.
  • The relationship with the child. Although from a strictly medical point of view this is a very subtle issue, the behavior of the dentist toward your child can affect child’s perception both directly and indirectly. The psychological effects of ruthless behavior (i.e. behavior that is perceived as brutal) can be harmless and therefore are not wanted.
  • Professional advice. Pediatric dental hygiene is somehow different from adult dental hygiene and has special requirements. Your kid’s dentist ought to be able to become involved in this issue and explain de details of specific dental hygiene to your child in order that he or she can understand and learn the correct techniques and ways of maintaining proper oral health.
  • Preventive care. A great deal of pediatric dentistry consists of preventive procedures, with a derived interest in correcting, treatment and healing. Make sure that your dentist of choice has a proper perspective on these things.
  • A different dentist? Should you not be satisfied with the choice you have made, remember you can always start looking for a different dentist.


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