Choosing a Dentist

How do people choose their dentist?

  • A friend told me… According to statistics, when it comes to choosing a dentist, people give more credit to recommendations and positive evaluations coming from friends, colleagues and neighbors, than they give to the actual expertise and work experience of the dentist.
  • I’m comfortable. Another important issue is the patient’s first direct visit at the dental office: the general impression of hygiene, comfort and chemistry seem to be subjects of great importance when it comes to earning patient’s trust.
  • My dentist offers the best prices. In many cases tariffs are among the most important stimuli to determine patients’ preference for a certain health care provider.
  • My dentist understands if I am really busy or if there is an emergency. Dentist’s accessibility is essential, as well. Patients are busy people. Sometimes, they can be in even greater rush due to medical emergency. Either way, they cannot always afford to wait three weeks just to get an appointment with their dentist. Doctor’s kind gesture of occasionally adjusting his agenda to quickly solve an issue of aesthetic dentistry right before patient’s important meeting is usually enough to permanently ensure patient’s further loyalty.
  • I want a competent and highly trained dentist. Studies, graduate courses, credentials, diplomas and awards of the medical stuff can impress patients, therefore boosting trust in the quality of the services offered. However, patients are not used to asking questions regarding these issues.
  • I found my dentist on the internet. The Internet is the quickest and easiest way of finding more about the dental office where you decided to make an appointment. Although patient’s opinion will be fully formed only after the actual visit to the dentist’s, the initial impact of his online presence is rather important.
  • Dental office is close to where I live and I can easily get there. For some people, the distance to the dental office can influence their decision upon using the services of one dentist over another, as they prefer to go for the dental office that is closer to their location. When changing residence, these people usually change their doctor as well: their former dentist has than significant influence in patients’ choice for a new doctor, by providing recommendations for a colleague.
  • I want to be treated with the best available dental appliances and equipment. For patients looking for certain medical services, special features of the dental office such as having the latest equipments become the ultimate factor in taking a decision.


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