Alternatives to classical toothbrushes

Considering the last years’ advertised innovations in the field of toothpaste, the interest on the market has moved to finding new toothbrush solutions. During the last couple of decades, producers have come up with two major solutions:

  • Optimized ergonomic toothbrushes. Solutions are various for both the materials used, and the other features: inclination, elasticity, versatility, in order to achieve the best results with brushing.
  • Electric toothbrushes. The idea behind this concept is that the complex movement of the bristles is supposed to be more efficient with electric toothbrushes compared to classic toothbrushes, in terms of removing plaque and general cleaning.

Although the main novelty resides in the two ideas listed above, there are always other interesting models, with absolutely special features, uncommon concepts or alternatives to the traditional toothbrush. Here’s a list of interesting ideas / designs:

  1. SOLADEY. The solar powered toothbrush Soladey has a great advantage over the traditional concept: it does not require the use of toothpaste. In the presence of light, wet titanium dioxide releases electrons, which can remove hydrogen ions from the plaque, and break it down. This is a fairly interesting idea, as it questions the primacy of traditional toothpaste.
  2. DEWS. This is a toothbrush with an extra weight at the end of its rounded handle. The toothbrush can stand on its own, without the use of a holder, keeping the bristles away from any source of contamination. When you set it down, it sways like a tumble doll before finding equilibrium.
  3. OHSO. Designed as an elegant alternative to the regular travel brushes you can find on the market, Ohso contains the toothpaste inside the holder. Any time you need to use it, just release a small quantity of paste by pressing a button.
  4. BRUSH & RINSE. With this toothbrush you won’t need the usual glass to rinse. This brush can redirect water from a faucet up into an improvised water fountain.
  5. GIRO SPONGE. This concept implies replacing the traditional bristles with a sponge in order to reduce discomfort associated with brushing.

Irrespective of your aesthetic choice, it’s always a good idea to ask your dentist before making an important switch with your brushing habits and utensils.


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