Pregnancy Sickness and Oral Hygiene

Especially during the first trimester, many pregnant women feel sick: a nuisance with no real solution. They are often associated with hyperosmia (hypersensitivity to smell). But why is this a dental issue?
Just like gum irritation, sickness can determine women to avoid brushing the teeth; this, coupled with bacteria leads to dental problems over time: you experience a higher risk for gingivitis and cavities. During pregnancy, it is very important that you avoid such problems, given the implicit higher risk for such problems that you have it anyway, due to hormones.

So what do we do when tooth brushing makes us sick? There are a few very simple solutions:

  • Try a different toothpaste brand when you’re bothered by the smell or taste of your regular toothpaste. Your dentist can help you decide or even prescribe bicarbonate as a substitute for a while.
  • Use a smaller tooth brush.
  • If sometimes brushing is simply impossible, rinse with mouth wash (with fluorine, without alcohol) or, at least, with tap water and floss after every meal. Common practices concerning oral hygiene should be compromised as little as possible.
  • Brush your teeth after you feel better, otherwise you might feel sick again, thus experiencing an exhausting, never-ending vicious circle. Apart from these problems, teeth enamel is hypersensitive to acids and it would suffer from contact with the toothpaste if exposed immediately after a vomiting episode.

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