Temporary Denture

If you have an appointment for a tooth extraction before the fabrication of a partial denture, your dentist will advice to use a temporary denture until your gum and supporting bone heal. Temporary dentures are designed to replace the already extracted tooth or teeth, helping you to chew and talk correctly until you reach a permanent solution. They also render normal appearance in public and don’t allow the other teeth to shift from their original place, thus avoiding problems in the future.

Temporary denture treatment

Temporary dentures are created using an impression of your mouth cavity. First, your dentist will take an impression for each arch and will recreate as well as possible the occlusion. He or she will also give you advice on the shape and color of your false teeth and gums. This step will be followed by the fabrication of your temporary denture that you’ll be able to use after the extractions.

A few important considerations

There’s no such thing as a perfect temporary denture. You’ll probably need some adjustments until you’ll feel comfortable and confident with your new denture; this is only natural and customary.

You’ll first notice that you’re not able to talk correctly. Again, this is natural, as the process of articulating words is dependable of your mouth cavity and structure. Your tongue will need a few hours or even days to adjust its moves to the new volume. Same goes for chewing. Don’t get anxious on the matter, as it won’t last long. However, you must keep in mind that getting used to your new temporary denture is a process in itself, even if it will only last until you’ll find a more permanent solution: bridge, partial denture or implant.

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