Pediatric Teeth Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Either your dentist or other qualified staff member in the dental office will remove the plaque from the child’s teeth with a rotating toothbrush. Sometimes, it is best that your dentist also uses dental floss to clean the spaces between the teeth. A fluoride foam, solution or paint is sometimes used to harden the surface of the teeth and help prevent cavities.

Home Care

Children must learn how to clean their teeth at home in order to have strong and healthy dentures. Office cleaning is very accurate, but you cannot have your teeth cleaned like that every day. Remove food particles and plaque with dental floss. Ask your dentist how to do this. He or she can show you how to hold the floss and how to move it between your teeth in all directions: push it up and down and even sideways until everything feels clean.

Brushing must follow flossing. Use small amounts of toothpaste and a soft toothbrush that may have been especially designed for children. The ideal angle to hold your toothbrush is 45° to your teeth. Bristles must be gently moved across your teeth with a circular motion. Under your gums, the toothbrush must rotate back and forth. Even if you have sealants, you ought to brush the top of your teeth carefully. Also, it is important to brush the inside of your teeth rotating the toothbrush exactly the same way.

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