In Office Teeth Whitening

The color of your teeth may vary from white to yellow and even brown. In time, your teeth become stained and naturally darker. This is because they age and, also, because of other factors such as smoking, food or drink habits, and drugs like tetracycline and iron supplements.

A Brighter Smile

By bleaching your teeth, you can get a bright, white smile. There are several solutions to this, but the best way is to let your dentist do it. Not only it is very effective, but it is definitely the fastest way.

Dental Office Whitening Treatment

In office whitening performed by your dentist is based on using a concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to bleach your teeth. A special light can accelerate the process and a laser is used with the gel. This is the kind of procedure that can be completed during a single visit to the dentist: it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours and the results will show right away.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

The effects of whitening your teeth in a dental office can last a few months or a few years. The degree of whitening you can get also varies from one person to another, depending on your teeth, their condition, and the bleaching gel used. However, preserving the effect depends on your eating, drinking and smoking habits. There is no such thing as a permanent color change of your teeth. You have to understand that the effect of whitening your teeth, however spectacular, cannot last forever and cannot prevent future staining. Using a home whitening kit (wearing a custom fit mouth tray that basically contains the same substance used in a dentist’s office, but less concentrated for safer home use) can help preserving the effect longer.

Risks Of With Teeth Bleaching

Certain minor side effects are sometimes associated with in-office whitening, such as mild teeth sensitivity that gradually disappears within a few days. Your hypersensitivity can be eased with a fluoride gel prescribed by your dentist, fluoride toothpaste or desensitizing toothpaste.

Another common side effect of whitening can be gum irritation and discoloration but this will also fade away in a few days.

Please feel free to ask with your dentist any additional questions you might have.

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  • Noel 9 February 2013 at 3:21

    This product works , froegt all the stripes and high cost, this gel cost like $6.00 and just use whitner rinse first. then use mouth guard with gel keep in 5 to 10 min, and remove mouth guard use tooth brush to get gel from guard on brush and brush with remaing gel on teeth and rinse. I like to brush after with a floride whitener toothpaste also. and u will see results right away or by the next day after second use. Keep smiling for u have very nice white clean teeth ..

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