Correcting Dental Malocclusion

What Is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion (an improper bite) can refer to both incorrect static position (with the mouth shut) and wrong chewing. This anomaly occurs due to incongruous jaws or to dental malposition. The lower teeth may be more prominent than the upper teeth, lips may not be able to cover protruding teeth, an empty space may occur between the two arches even if the mouth is shut, the upper teeth may completely cover the lower teeth, there may be uneven, asymmetrical, improperly inclined teeth, and, basically, any kind of disproportion between the jaws and the rest of the face, or between the jaws is quite possible. In any case when your upper teeth do not meet your lower teeth in a proper, perfectly adjusted position, you should ask your doctor.

When biting, the pressure should be equally distributed, otherwise, complications of the denture, muscles and temporomandibular joint may occur. These can affect mobility, cause premature damage of dental works, headaches, difficulty in chewing, speaking etc. Therefore, malocclusion is a problem with wider implications than the aesthetic ones.

Correcting Malocclusion

Before recommending the best treatment for your, you doctor can diagnose your problem as precise as possible, based on specific types of X-rays and denture cast molds. The orthodontic treatment consists of applying controlled pressure on teeth and jaws for a relatively long time, until a satisfactory result is obtained.

Malocclusion can be treated and improved at any age, but the best results are, of course, with young patients. The incongruence of the jaws can be better adjusted in children due to bone resistance and consistency. It’s good to know that jaws grow between the ages of 8 and 10, and the sooner you notice a problem, the sooner you can correct it. Any delay makes the initial anomaly more difficult to treat.

The time needed and the result is different in any treatment based on the age of the patient and the complexity of the problem.

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