Complete Dentures

There are several causes for teeth loss: injury, untreated tooth decay and gum disease. Loosing one’s teeth is particularly unpleasant, but we can offer you several options to replace them. Dentures can help you restore your self-esteem, improve your general aspect and get some of the compromised functions back–eating and speaking.

It takes about 6 to 12 weeks to complete a denture. Ask your dentist for a more accurate estimation, as it depends on the type of the denture and the technique used, as well as on the patient.

Denture Treatment Process

Once you decide the type of denture that would best meet your needs, your dentist can take the impression of your mouth. Based on this impression of both your arches, a dental laboratory will provide a model. Later, your doctor will try to get a precise record of your original bite: the relationship between the lower and the upper arch, the color of your teeth and gums. Choosing the exact shade that would look natural for you can take some time, but your dentist can help.

The denture sent from the dental laboratory has to be later adjusted in the dental office. You will have to test your new denture and have it adjusted until your speech, your bite, the general appearance and other functions have been restored to a satisfactory fit. Your dentist will then send the denture back to the laboratory to be manufactured.

Complications Associated to Dentures

Your expectations regarding your new denture must be realistic: you ought to understand that it is impossible to make a perfect denture. Several adjustments are always needed until you adapt. Keep in mind that adapting is a process. At first, you may even find it difficult to eat and speak, but practicing will help you restore both your comfort and confidence.

As a rule, it is easier to adapt to an upper denture than it is with lower dentures. The explanation is that there are different forces and different shapes with the two jaws.

Different Denture Options

Lately, the process of making a denture has highly improved in terms of support, stability, and retention. One of the available options is getting an implant-supported denture. Of course, these take a bit longer to complete as having an implant is a process in itself, but the result can be really extraordinary.

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